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 Percival Whittaker

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Candi Cullen
Being "Kidnapped" by Alice

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PostSubject: Percival Whittaker   Tue May 06, 2008 8:37 pm

Percival is Anjellyn's well, he's like Jasper is to Alice. He's about 5'9 and he has black thick curly hair. He is slightly muscular but very lean. His special power is that hes like a "super tracker". His sense of smell is so good that he can smell an object and know everything about it or know what all happened in a certain area. His eyesight is better than most vampires'. He met Anjellyn in her hometown, just after Anjellyn had been changed. He went with her to go live with Tanya and decides to go with her when she goes to meet Alice......
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Percival Whittaker
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