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 Marina Whittman

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PostSubject: Marina Whittman   Wed May 07, 2008 8:07 am

Name: Marina Whittman
Nickname: Mari
Description: She looks exactly like me (I did that on purpose...)

Parents: Jessica and Larry Whittman
Siblings: Conner Whittman

She's a witch, like her mom. Conner and her dad are both werewolves.

Boyfriend: Skylar Edwards

History: Mari was just a regular girl, going to regular school, with what she thought was a normal best friend. low and behold, she was not living the perfect life. Her father and mother did not get along at all. Witches and werewolves are mortal enemies so yeah. Larry always beat the crap out of Jessica and Mari and Conner both knew it. One day, Skylar screwed everything up'll have to find out. But um, Long story short, Skylar told Mari his "secret" and then they got engaged, she almost died several different times and she figured out that she was vampire. you can read my book if you want to. I'm posting it in the "Stories/Books" thread. Very Happy

Picture of Mari:

Mari is the blonde and the brunette is Emma, Skylar's younger sister/Mari's best friend.


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Marina Whittman
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