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 Shake It <3

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Embry's Girl

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PostSubject: Shake It <3   Thu Aug 14, 2008 7:21 am


I was new in the town of forks, well i lived in La Push, but close anuf. My name is Mitchie redwood. A tom boy a had no friends that were girls. But
in a new town you never know what could happen, or what did happen this is my story, a story of wolfs, vampires, and friends.
((Haha to get the full afect lisson to this wall reading))

"Hello?" i asked as I walked into the house.
"HEllO!?" i asked a little louder.
"I'm here, in the living room, mitchie." a mans voice called, It was my dad.
"DADDY!" I yelled he was happy to see me too.
After our hellos he showed me my new room.
"Its pink." I said disapointed
"Well later you could have the naboire boy help you paint it. Why dont You go over there and introduce your self"
"Okay" I went over and there was a HOTT boy in the drive well he was not a boy but a guy cuz her was over 6 feet tall!
"hhhhHello." i sad i was nevewr one to studder but who knows.

Jacobs Pov

"Hi" wow she was beautiful.

Mitchie pov

my eyes got reel big and i ran home. (When i got home)
"wow he was HOTT!"
"Who was hot?"
"No one."


And off to forks high school i went
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Carmen Cullen
Edward's wife

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PostSubject: Re: Shake It <3   Fri Aug 15, 2008 9:17 am

Leah POV-

(The day when Mitchie came)

"Who the hell was that?" I asked, iritation coloring my tone.
"I don't know," Jacob said. "But she was way hotter than anything in this stupid place. I'm going over there tomorrow." He raised his eyebrows in a creepy manor and went back inside.

Jacob POV-

I walked into the living room to see that Charlie and Billy were already settled in for the game. "Hey Charlie!" I called from the kitchen, sticking my head in the freezer.
"Hey Jake," Charlie had no enthusiasm in his voice. The game started.
I walked in to take a seat on the floor. "Who's the new neighbor girl?" I asked nochalantly.
Billy turned his head from the game quickly to look at me. "Oh, that's Mr. Redwood's daughter, Mitchie. Nice girl. You should visit her sometime."
Oh, trust me, I'll drop in every now and then...

Jamie POV-

"Hey, who's the new girl? She looks like she should go to La Push instead of Forks High..." I whispered to my friend Carlie as the girl walked over to us.
"Not sure," she whispered back. "but what is she doing? Does she think she can talk to us?"


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Embry's Girl

Number of posts : 288
Age : 28
Location : Never, Never Land
Registration date : 2008-05-04

PostSubject: Re: Shake It <3   Sat Aug 16, 2008 1:23 am

"Ummm Hi, I'm Hero" I said to the unfriendly looking girls. at this rate of unfriendlyness I should start going to La push high, i mean i was trying to get my dad to take me there but, he keep saying no. maby i could get the nabor boy to tell him I should.

Jacob Pov

"Dad Can I Talk to you in the other room, NOW." I said I a funny voice.
" YES SIR!" he said to sarcastily.
"That new girl shes umm...."
"I KNEW IT!!!" he said, there was a very happy tone in his voice.
" knew what..." i said interested in what he was going to say.
" You ummmmm..." he said nevrous " Imprinted on her.."
"Ummm wow, I think so, No I could't have I dont even know her..."
"MmmmHun" billy said

Billy pov

"Your in denile."
"NO!!" Jacob said, blushing.
"Find get to know her better and then tell me you didnt imprint on her."
"FINE I WILL" Jacob said.
I noded my head as I welled myself back to the game.
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PostSubject: Re: Shake It <3   

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Shake It <3
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